Exploring the Gulf of Maine Watershed

This website is where you will find a series of activities that takes students through the steps of the scientific method as they explore, discover, and study a field site within the Gulf of Maine Watershed. The purpose of these activities is to give students practice using science skills such as making good observations, coming up with questions, collecting data, analyzing data, and creating a product that displays their work so that they can share it with others. It is our vision to have participating schools able to share with and learn from others by sharing their work to create a virtual map (see Participants page for an example) that displays all of the study field sites throughout the Gulf of Maine watershed.

These activities embody how the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) believes kids learn. The activities incorporate components of learning that students experience during their LabVenture! (5th and 6th grades) experience, and what they will experience during Vital Signs (7th and 8th grades). They are engaging by having students play the role of scientists, allow for the incorporation of technology, place based to make them authentic, and give students responsibility of the outcome of their learning.

Along the left hand toolbar, you will find different activities that take students through the process of Exploring their local Watershed:
The extent to which you use these activities with your class is up to you, from one activity to all of them - any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Regardless of the number of activites you do with your students, Sharing your Work is an important piece of science. Please share your students final projects with GMRI so that they can become part of the virtual map that will be shared with participating schools throughout Maine.

For questions, comments or to share your projects, you can contact Justine Glynn (justine@gmri.org) at GMRI.


Please note that these activities are in the "test phase", and selected teachers have expressed interest in testing out these activities with their students and giving feedback to GMRI. Feel free to share these activities with teachers within your school, as teaching in teams and being able to discuss shared activities and ideas with co-teachers is a valuable way of learning about what works and what doesn't. At the end of each activity you will find a links to 2 surveys. One for the teacher to complete, and another for students (either as a class, in teams, or individually). This feedback is vital as we are hoping to make these activities accessible to all middle school (5-8) teachers in Maine starting September 2008.